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New English lab offers hope for students in Juarez Mexico

Whenever American or English speaking volunteers would visit the orphanage supported by Children’s Hunger Relief Fund in Juarez, the children could be seen writing down phrases that they heard the volunteers use so that they could efficiently memorize them. Until those visits, the kids had been burning with the desire to learn English with no proper system in place to support them.

Today however, through the generosity of CHRF’s supporters, these ambitious children have a new avenue to learn English. The rewards involved for learning English in a third world country are incredible; as an example, twice as many job opportunities arise.

Imagine yourself in a violent city where education is limited, the government is unstable, and everyday is a fight for your own survival. Even with a general education the children often will not be able to find a secure or financially stable job. With limited prospects for the future these beautiful children are often forced into less than desirable circumstances and often resort to terrible measures.

Faced with the prospects of unemployment many of the children turn to drug dealing, prostitution or stealing in order to survive and take care of their younger brothers and sisters. BUT, now armed with the knowledge of a second language spoken just north of their border, a brand new frontier of hope, possibility and opportunity has opened up.

CHRF has supported our friends and family at Emmanuel ministries in Juarez Mexico where together we have built and maintained an orphanage, medical clinic, surgery center and the Isaac Newton Academy, the local elementary and middle school. Now, thanks to your support, the children are better prepared to meet the challenges that have been set out before them with tremendous results. Students and graduates of the school alike are starting to see their hard work pay off with good grades and promising bright careers ahead of them.

Until now the children have been limited in their job prospects due to their Spanish speaking education. Now however, thanks to the vision and dedication of our friends and teachers at the Academy, we are able to provide the children with even more opportunities by teaching them English. Your gifts have made it possible for these children of all levels, K-8th, to learn a second language. The new lab consists of twelve new computers and the students will work closely with their new English instructor. In time the project will benefit all 140 students attending the academy as apart of the orphanage as well as local children who wish to become involved in the program.

Thank you for your incredible commitment to these children and for allowing us to quench their thirst for knowledge and make a dream come true.


Forty years ago, a young man named Josue Lopez was moved by the plight of the multitudes of homeless children foraging for survival in the streets of his city, Juarez, Mexico. Like the Good Samaritan, Josue could not just look away and go on about his business. He determined to do something to help these children who had no one to love and care for them.

One man’s commitment made a miracle. Hogar de Niños de Emmanuel now covers several acres of what was once an abandoned garbage dump on a blighted hill of the city. Today, the Emmanuel complex is a flourishing garden of love and care for the hundreds of abandoned children who have found there a home of love, health, nurturing, education, and hope. . (See Angel's Story below.) As Josue humbly observes, "Look what God, through so many people, has done! It's a miracle!" Yes, it is.

Children's Hunger Relief Fund has been honored to work with Josue and his family in making his dreams a reality. From the children's hilltop living quarters, the campus descends to a generous playground. Continuing down the hill is a Medical and Dental Clinic and a Vocational Training Center. Both facilities are open to the community on a fee-basis, and have provided Emmanuel with a means of generating additional income to help provide for the children.

Everyone in town saw the homeless children on the streets. Everyone saw the filthy garbage dump. It took a Good Samaritan with a vision to see something – and many little someones – worth saving.

There are still many hidden treasures living in the streets of Juarez, and thousand of cities like it around the world. With your help, we can provide these little girls and boys with hope for a better future – one child at a time.

Saving the World – One Child at a Time: Angel’s Story

Each child at Emmanuel receives a good education and the opportunity to develop life skills for a productive future. The Vocational Training Center, for example, allows the older children to learn trades such as mechanics, welding, and clothing design and fabrication. This will allow them to be self-sufficient adults when they leave the home, thus breaking the vicious cycle of poverty into which they were born.

Angel first came to Emmanuel when he was only three years old. He thrived under the loving care of the staff and the opportunity for a new life, eventually becoming a skilled welder. Wanting to give back in some small way for all that he received, Angel has returned to Emmanuel as a mentor and teacher.

The little boys he works with want to grow up to be just like him. We want to give them that chance.

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