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CHRF in Belize

In 2013 Children’s Hunger Relief Fund founder and Chairman Colonel V. Doner led a team to Central America in order to visit and help with the CHRF Feeding Program in Belize. Providing over fifty children, many of whom only have one parent or who only will receive one meal for the day, a nutritious meal for all of the five days that they are able to attend school. The team also brought spanish bibles for the many christian communities that have none.
A sneak peak at the wonderful school and learning going on at the Toledo Christian Academy.
Without your help our provision of these much needed meals would NOT be possible.
CHRF Team member Campbell Kelley reported on his experience.
“It is truly amazing to see all of the good work being done for less fortunate children in Central America. With the help of Children’s Hunger Relief Fund and many of our partners, children attending their local Christian School just outside the town of Punta Gorda in Belize can eat a healthy meal each day while at school. Many of their families struggle to support them and without the generosity of our local project partners at Toledo Christian School Academy many children in the area could have gone without ever receiving an education. Now, thanks to the great, compassionate dedicated teachers and volunteers at Toledo Christian Academy they have hope for a better future. In addition, thanks to YOU, our generous CHRF donors and supporters, these children can count on at least one nutritious meal every day that they are in school. A luxury that many children in Central America and around the world many times go without.”
More of the school children in Belize enjoying their lunches provided with the generous help of our CHRF Donors!
Campbell went on to share about his experience visiting the school and feeding program:
“Among the many precious children at the Academy a certain boy stood out to me while visiting the project. His name was Juan and his smile was simply non-extinguishable. When playing basketball and eating with Juan I would have thought that this young boy might be the happiest on earth. Just to be around his joy, energy and appreciation for life was enough to lift one’s self from any prior concern. Then to hear Juan’s story I simply felt dazed and amazed.
Juan’s mother, struggling as a single mother and not knowing the identity of Juan’s father was forced to leave Juan at an orphanage at the age of only four. What is even more heart wrenching is the news that shortly after his own arrival to the orphanage Juan’s younger brother died of an infant disease.
Mr. Kelley with Juan and his adopted family!
But now, thanks to the loving care and compassion by one of the administrator’s at the school Juan is apart of a happy family! The administrator and his wife adopted Juan, he now attends the school and is a beneficiary of the CHRF feeding program! Now little Juan is a growing young boy that is an inspiration to everyone around him."
Juan at school getting his lunch provided with the help of CHRF!
Thank you for your support of the great work being done in Belize with Children’s Hunger Relief Fund and our partners!
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