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CHRF in Cambodia

CHRF is once again proud to report on our projects in the countries around the world that need it most. In Cambodia, where one out of every three children under the age of five is malnourished and where only 28% of children make it to secondary school, CHRF has had the opportunity to once again bridge the gap between the many generous CHRF donors and the children whom desperately are in need of your help.
Currently CHRF is working with our Cambodian partners to provide two meals a day for more than a hundred children. Without these meals many of these children could go hungry and be forgotten.
Children in Cambodia with a hearty meal!
Because the children have a safe place to go to for their meals (safety is rare and not taken for granted in Cambodia) the children’s families will often allow the boys and girls to stay and continue studying at school instead of pulling them out of school to work and help support their families.
Because the children have a safe place to eat their families let them stay and study!
It’s truly an amazing cycle: because of CHRF, children have a safe place to eat, their families let them continue to go to school, the children then have a safe place to learn and give themselves a much better chance at finding or starting a more successful career and then being able to support their families in a much larger capacity! All because CHRF, our partners and our donors refused to forget and ignore these hungry children!
The Feeding Program in Cambodia.
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