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South Sudan

South Sudan - Agony, Affliction & Suffering: Welcome to Southern Sudan

Genocide in South Sudan: How We Are Helping Together

Imagine a large town with a population of 150,000 one day bustling with busy street markets, churches, schools and despite their poverty, happy people. But overnight evil brews and an endless tribal war consumes the innocent town. The very next day the air is horribly thick with the smell of death and the smoke from burning homes and buildings. Thousands have been tragically killed. Men, women and children.

Women and children who took safety in a church were safe, until the church was attacked and everyone inside killed. This mindless evil is beyond comprehension. All we can do is help. And that’s exactly what the CHRF team did by being the FIRST relief team in the country to help these people. Maximizing our efforts together, with the help of all of our donors, to help the people who need it most.

It started when our relief team heard the news that war and fighting had broken out yet again in the South Sudan and over 900,000 people were being “displaced”. Displaced meaning that their homes, churches, schools, jobs had been destroyed and burnt to the ground. Our team flew to the area despite the immense danger and had to beg for days to find pilots willing to fly into the war-torn areas of the country that needed help the most. Miraculously one pilot agreed to take our team to the city that locals had just begged our team to deliver aid to, pleading that their town had suffered the worst of the brutal attacks.

Once on the ground our team, who has been making emergency relief trips for decades, could not believe their eyes. Dead bodies of people on the ground that had been killed just hours earlier. Many of the images and scenes that they saw are too graphic to show and even explain. Our team leader writes about the situation:

“Once we were in the town we found as many survivors as we could to give them food and aid. I still cannot believe their horrendous stories of suffering and death. This town used to have over 150,000 people, now it is a ghost town, most of it burnt to the ground. We were able to find, help and feed over 2,000 people. Despite the horrific things that had happened to them they were extremely encouraged that people from the “outside” were coming to help them. The fact that people knew about their suffering and wanted to do something about it was a blessing from God to them. It’s still amazing how South Sudan is basically ignored in the media.

Because of the fighting in the area we weren’t able to bring in as many meals as we normally do, this time about 8 tons, or roughly 48,000 meals. But the important thing here is that we were the first team on the ground and were able to help these people when they needed it desperately. Now the UN is providing food.

This place has been tarnished by evil and it’s one of the saddest things I have ever seen. The only thing that brings the team hope is that we were the first team on the ground to provide meals.”

Please help us do something about this situation in the South Sudan. Pray for these innocent people who are fighting for their lives. Pray for the innocent women and children and families who have lost loved ones in the midst of the fighting. Write your local Congressman to bring attention to the tens of thousands senseless killings that are being committed in the South Sudan with almost zero media attention. And support our Emergency Relief Team when they return to the South Sudan to deliver more food by praying for their safety and donating to CHRF. Thank you for your support. Together we are making a difference in the lives of these people.

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