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Children's Hunger Relief Fund

Learn what has set us apart from other organizations since 1975.


The Beginning

In the Mid Nineteen-Seventies, several dozen independent churches formed an association (formerly known as International Church Relief Fund) to enable them to combine their modest resources to "help the poor, the orphaned, and the widowed" as scripture commands. They shared their vision with a few thousand members, raising the funds to send their first team of volunteers (including our current Chairman Colonel Doner) to South East Asia to help thousands of refugee families fleeing tyranny and terror as South Vietnam collapsed into chaos.

The Present

Today we share our vision with millions of Americans who in turn help us provide millions of meals, tens of millions of dollars worth of medicine, homes, clean, disease-free water, education and much, much more each and every year. CHRF has continued our work as an association of churches focused on humanitarian needs and dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and families to transform their lives through the power of practical compassion, honor, and reciprocity. We help to save children’s lives through feeding programs, health care, and children’s homes. We aspire to help bring children up with a Christian education and surrounded by God’s unconditional love.

The Future

Our vision for the future is to break the self-reinforcing cycle of poverty that keeps half the world living on less than a dollar a day. A lack of education means no jobs with no paycheck to bring home. In turn no paycheck means no food, no clean water, no medical care for children. Just poverty, disease, and death.

So we must start by increasing vital fields of education such as academic, agricultural, horticultural and many more. Then, communities can increase their hard-won economic self-sustainability through micro-enterprises, job training, and the use of new agricultural techniques. With the addition of clean water and medical care, new self-sustaining communities of hope can slowly turn the tide of poverty into one of profitability – and well fed children.

When Others Pull Out, We Dig In

Children's Hunger makes a commitment to an area for the long haul In hot spots like Sudan and Afghanistan. This often means digging in when other aid organizations are pulling out. Our loyalty builds trust and support from the people we serve, who don't have the option of leaving when the bombs start falling. This makes us much more effective over the long term.

CHRF Serving children across the globe

The families we help then help other families out of the surplus they generate and the whole community becomes stronger. The result is healthier children with a much brighter hope for their futures. The cycle is broken – one family at a time.

We Work With Our Churches Around the World

We work with our Associate Churches and Pastors all over the World to help fulfill Christ's calling to help the poor, sick, vulnerable, and needy. Grateful for over forty years of partnerships around the world, CHRF has teamed up with some of the hardest working and most determined Pastors and congregations in the World who are working to make a difference in the lives of their Congregations, their communities, and local families and children, each and every single day.

We Work with Local Project Managers

Children's Hunger Relief Fund pursues a grass roots strategy that helps keep overhead low and builds capacity at the community base – where it will have the greatest impact over the long term.

What's CHRF All About?

What is our mission? We are a non-denominational association of churches whose primary purpose is saving children’s lives and sharing God’s love. We do this by helping people transform their lives and their communities so they can live productively and peacefully.

We Pursue a Comprehensive Strategy Aimed at Permanently Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

To truly make a difference in children's lives over the long term, we must help their families and communities become more self-sufficient. We must break the cycle of poverty – which is the main enemy in the war to save children. Children's Hunger Relief Fund devotes considerable resources to this end in the form of micro-enterprise loans, vocational training, and sustainable agriculture projects.

Rev. Colonel V. Doner

Rev. Colonel V. Doner

  • AuthorThe Samaritan Strategy & Celebrating Life
For Children.

About Colonel V. Doner

Colonel Doner, Ph.D., started his career as a leader to youth service organizations in both high school and college. At the age of 25, he traveled to Africa to distribute food to hungry children. Forty years later he is continuing the same work. The author of several books, he has been interviewed on 60 Minutes, the Phil Donahue Show, ABC Network News and on numerous Radio Talk Shows.

He or his work has been cited in numerous books and newspapers as well as in Time magazine, Newsweek and Christian Life Magazines. He is also an ordained Minister and holds a Doctoral Degree in Christian Philosophy.

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