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Emergency Relief Programs

"Angels in the War Zones"

“We go WHEN and where other groups refuse to enter”

What sets Children’s Hunger Relief Fund apart from all of the other hundreds of charities? It isn’t our orphanages around the world, it isn’t the schools we fund globally, or even the micro-loan projects we facilitate in Central America and Africa. No, its our ability to move quickly and undetected into the world’s most dangerous but desperate circumstances.

We make life-threatening trips to the South Sudan to deliver life-saving meals, we travel into the chaos of Kabul Afghanistan and the surrounding areas in order to help those have given up hope. We send teams to work with our orphanage and school in Juarez Mexico where civil war and drug cartels have threatened the lives of our people working on the ground.

CHRF is committed to serving those who need help the most and make every effort possible to provide life saving relief as quickly as possible to any place in the word that might suffer from a natural disaster or an outbreak of violence.


Safe drinking water, emergency medical assistance, housing and hunger relief are the most critical needs in the wake of a natural disaster, such as the tsunami in Southeast Asia, earthquakes in Haiti, hurricanes in the Caribbean, drought and famine all over Africa, constant wars and fighting in Somalia and the genocide in Sudan. Emergency shelter, medical and survival supplies – for example, cooking and hygiene kits, tools and some means to feed themselves(such as fishing or agricultural supplies) – follow close after.

When disaster occurs, we stand ready to deliver food and other relief to the victims through our corporate partnerships and trained Emergency Response Team. Our seasoned staff knows what to do and how to navigate potential roadblocks. Whenever possible, they work with local networks to ensure that aid gets to the people who need it most quickly and efficiently. In one year alone Children's Hunger Relief Fund helped to delivere more than 6 Million Meals to hurting people in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Honduras, Haiti, Kenya, Liberia, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines, South Africa, South Sudan, Uganda, the US, and Zambia. 

Please help us care for the children who are affected by natural disasters and outbreaks of violence everywhere.

We have teams preparing to make emergency food delivery trips to Children! Please Help

children being fed

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