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kid to Kid

WANTED: Superhero Kids to help change the world. One kid at a time!

Kids have lots of advantages over adults. Here are a few of them:

  • Kids know when things are wrong and know they can do something to make them right.
  • Kids know they can be superheroes and save the world.
  • Kids have great ideas and aren't afraid to try them out.
  • Kids understand other kids.

The bottom line is this: most kids want to help other kids, especially when they find out those kids don't have enough to eat, or don't have clean water to drink, or don't have books to read.

And kids can make a HUGE difference in the lives of other kids! Here are just a few examples from some of our partners (who just happen to be kids):

Shelby, a 5th grader from California, started her own website to raise money to feed hungry kids and has become a movement of kids helping kids! They've raised $11,700 so far!

Kindergarteners at Ingleside Elementary School gave up their ice cream money (now that's sacrifice!) and collected other money in jars to help victims of the Tsunami. They collected almost $1,400!

Instead of asking for birthday presents, Nicolette asked her friends and family to donate the money to help feed hungry kids.

Alex, a junior higher from Minnesota, saw a news program about the people who were suffering because of the war in Darfur, Sudan. She started collecting money from friends, family and local businesses to help provide relief to them.

Maya, a 14-year old living in Switzerland, sends a shipment of used books every month to one of our orphanages in Uganda.

Kids at Ramah High School in New Mexico gave up part of the money they raised for their prom to help kids hurt by the tsunami.

Thanks guys! You're the best!

Those are just a few of our stories about kids helping kids. But we still need more superheroes because there are still lots of kids who need saving!

If you would like to hold a fundraiser through your school or other organization, or be your own fundraiser like Alex, please see our guidelines under Hold a Fundraiser. You'll become a superhero to kids who really need one.

And maybe then they'll get to grow up to be a superhero too.

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