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Children's Homes

Children's Homes

children being fed

Each child represents a unique gift of life and possibility. They were born to run and play and explore and grow and learn. And to dream of what they will be "when they grow up."

But for millions of orphaned and abandoned children in Africa, Latin America and Asia, even the dream of a better future is an unimagined luxury...


Unless we have seen it with our own eyes, it is difficult for most of us to imagine the reality of small children living in a cardboard box, or under a bridge, or in a garbage dump. We don't want to imagine it.

And yet this is a daily reality in many poor countries, particularly those whose adult populations have been decimated by war or HIV/AIDS. These children are desperately vulnerable to malnutrition and disease , and often fall prey to exploitation and abuse by unscrupulous adults.

Children's Hunger Relief Fund seeks to rescue as many of these orphaned and abandoned children as possible, providing them with new lives of safety and hope in our children's homes.

  • The children in our homes receive the love and nurture of dedicated caregivers.
  • They play and explore.
  • They sleep in clean beds knowing that they are safe.
  • They eat a good meal knowing that there will be another to follow.
  • They go to school and learn how to read and write.
  • ... And dream of what they might be, when they grow up .

Of all the work we do on behalf of children, it is the work of our orphaned and abandoned children's homes that we find the most gratifying – and arguably the most significant over the long term. The lives of these children are truly transformed – forever. Some of our "graduates" have gone on to make substantial contributions to their local economies and communities. Many come back to volunteer at the homes which sheltered them, providing support and encouragement to the younger children.

We call that saving the world -- one child at a time.

Children’s Hunger Relief Fund sponsors numerous children’s homes in Africa, Central America, and Asia.

Kenya: Samaritan Homeless Children's Center
Mexico: Hogar de Niños
Nicaragua: Hogar de Fé, Hogar el Reposo, La Concha
Uganda: Zana Center
Zambia:  House of Moses

The average cost to provide room, board and education for a child in one of our homes is approximately $40 per month.


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