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Orphans in Nicaragua

Saving the World One Child at a Time: Franklin's Story


Franklin was abandoned, frightened and seriously undernourished when he was found by staff members Victoria and Rodiver and brought to Hogar el Reposo, located in the Nueva Guinea rain forest. Under their loving care and with the generous support of our donors, Franklin was given hope for a new life. He gained 10 pounds in one month!

Franklin is now a good student and avid soccer player. He also really loves to eat.

One out of three Nicaraguan children suffers from some degree of chronic malnutrition.

Nicaragua is still recovering from almost 20 years of civil war, with high rates of poverty and lack of economic opportunity. As always, the children are the biggest victims: one out of every three Nicaraguan children suffers from some degree of chronic malnutrition. Poverty also hinders many children from attending school.

Children’s Hunger Relief Fund has been active in Nicaragua since 1990. Over the past 15 years, we have helped to establish three children’s homes and a large community school, all run by our local Project Director, Rev. Mario Aviles. Thanks to the dedicated local staff and the generosity of our donors, thousands of children have received an education, warm meals, clean water, medical attention and clean clothing. Above all, they have received hope for the future: The children are taught at an early age to become self-sufficient through various life skills programs and vocational courses.

The children’s homes and community school we sponsor all maintain their own vegetable gardens and many of the children become avid and productive farmers. Their carefully tended plots produce bountiful crops of fruits and vegetables, which supplement their own food supply and also provide a surplus to sell in the local markets. The resulting profits help cover the costs of running the children’s homes and educational programs. The children meanwhile learn valuable agricultural and business skills, and have the satisfaction of a job well done.

We think that’s a very good harvest.

It takes approximately 80 cents a day to feed a Nicaraguan child. $35 a month can provide that child with housing, clothing, basic medical care and an education. If you'd like to help, please click below:

children being fed

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