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Breaking the cycle of poverty


Poverty is the true enemy in the war to save children’s lives. Unless a child has been orphaned or abandoned, she is generally hungry or malnourished because her parents can’t afford to feed her.

She is sick because her parents don’t have access to clean water, or to basic medical care and prevention.

She is illiterate because her parents can’t afford to send her to school.

To truly make a difference in children’s lives over the long term, we therefore must help this child’s family become stronger and more self-sufficient.

Children’s Hunger devotes considerable resources to helping families help themselves. This includes investments in micro-enterprise loan programs, vocational training, and sustainable agriculture projects.

The families we help then help other families out of the surplus they generate.

The result is healthier children with a much brighter hope for their futures. The cycle is broken.

Leadership Development Trainings Kenya

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Exciting new breakthroughs manifested through dedication and creativity.

Have you ever noticed how when we, as human beings, routinely receive something and learn to expect it, such as a paycheck, electricity, gas, etc… we can become dependent on “it”? This is one of the dilemmas that CHRF and all of its beneficiaries face. If, for example, CHRF wasn’t able to continue the funding of a certain project would that project then cease being able to generate its purpose such as feeding families, educating children, or providing shelter? In order to avoid increasing dependence, break the cycle of poverty (physically as well as mentally) and produce projects that can not only sustain themselves but create profit which could be used to fund other projects, CHRF has cutting edge programs confronting this critical issue.

In particular, CHRF sponsors “Leadership Trainings” designed and taught by two of the world’s leading experts in character development and personal transformation. The two trainers have taught multiple trainings in Kenya aimed at equipping the trainees to support themselves in order to shift from the culture of poverty that makes them dependent on outside help to a culture of self-sustenance. CHRF also sponsors follow-up seminars focused on teaching the trainees how they may teach others what they have learned.

After the last series of discussions, lectures, and interactive games all twenty-four participants demonstrated remarkable breakthroughs by the completion of the seminar. Their timid and fearful way of presenting themselves and their projects on the first day had transformed to a confident, articulate, and effective way of communicating. However, beyond producing this new way of communicating, the trainers also taught the participants a new perspective of planning for the future. This new “perspective” is vital to transforming current thinking which often emphasizes the immediate future over long term planning.

With your help and donations Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is able to continue the funding and expansion of these programs which are helping to deconstruct this cycle of poverty and create a new hope for a brighter future.

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