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Dedication of the Isaac Newton Academy

On October 2, 2006, Colonel V. Doner, president of Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, was guest of honor for the dedication of the Isaac Newton Academy in Juarez, Mexico. The main school building was named after Doner in recognition of his role in building the structure.

The ceremony took place at the new elementary school, which ranges from pre-kindergarten to the sixth grade. A few people who were vital to the construction were honored. Samuel Lopez, a former teacher of 20 years, was thanked for his services. Ashley Holter, an American, was commended for all her hard work in forming the school. Doner was recognized as the committed visionary behind the creation of the academy.


In his speech, Doner expressed how passionate he was about the school and how delighted he was that the children were getting an education. Doner also recognized the hard work of Jonatan and Betel Lopez, administrators at the new school.


Doner gave a special word of gratitude towards Josue Lopez. Josue has dreamed of building a school and orphanage for the people in Juarez since he was a child. Years ago he was able to take a strong step forward by founding the orphanage. Now his dreams of providing a solid education to his orphans has been realized, thanks to the dedication of Doner, CHRF and all of their faithful donors.

At the end of the ceremony, the children sang songs of appreciation to all of the guests. The finale was Doner cutting the ribbon and welcoming the kids into their new school.

A quality education remains a distant dream for the estimated 121 million children who are not in school. And yet education is so critical to providing hope for a child's future.

Children's Hunger Relief Fund is committed to helping every child we reach receive an education that will open new doors of hope for their future. Education is a major emphasis in all of the children's homes we sponsor (for more information on those programs, please see the section on Orphaned & Abandoned Children's Homes). Several of the homes also offer day schooling to children in the community.


La Concha, Located in the impoverished village of La Concepcion, provides education up to sixth grade and meals for 210 children. The children are prepared for higher education and taught to serve within their community. The older children have the opportunity to learn diverse vocational skills and all of the children are taught to plant, nurture and harvest bananas - which they can both eat and sell.

Uganda: Zana Center 
Reverend Emma oversees Zana Center in the capital city of Kampala, which provides a hot meal and day-schooling to some 400 children, many of them street children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Reverend Emam has now been asked to spearhead the establishment of a new community school in a nearby town. There is a desperate need for building and school supplies, books and money for the teachers' salaries.

If you would like to help a child go to school and/or help support our education programs, please click here>>

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