Millions of Meals Served With Our Partners CHRF is a 501(c)3 Organization - Your Gifts are Tax Deductible. Toll free: (888) 781-1585

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! Remember, most of our donations are anywhere from ten to twenty dollars! But because of our great partnerships around the world and with many of our teams these amounts can go such a long way towards helping a child.

For the last fifteen years 96% of our donations have been sent to projects!

YES, just select your specific category on the giving page.

YES, Children's Hunger Relief Fund is a 501 non-profit organization and all donations are deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Please give us a call or send an email to We are always happy to help.

We deeply appreciate your continued support! You can set up a recurring donation online or please give us a call.

CHRF is privileged to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign. Our number is 11730.

We can't wait to hear from you! Planned giving is a great way to continue your legacy of creating miracles for the less fortunate here on earth. Please see our planned giving page or contact us for more information.

Thank you so much for your passion and dedication for our cause! Unfortunately CHRF is not accepting volunteers at this time.


CHRF has feeding projects all across the world. From the hot deserts of Africa, to the jungles in Central America, and to big cities in Mexico or the Philippines. Our feeding projects can range from just a few children to hundreds or thousands of children! Please visit our individual country pages for more information on what CHRF is doing to help feed children in that specific country or give us a call.

With the help of our partners we are able to help provide several million meals each year to hungry children.

We are always looking for partners and donors to help us build clean water systems in Africa! Your partnership can take on many levels, from helping us build a new system to perhaps trying to fund your own new system. Please contact us for more details.

At the current market place rate, CHRF can purchase and deliver a “ton” of food, 6,000 meals, for just $660 US Dollars! Just mark your donation for a “ton” of food or call us so we can help.

Letters in the Mail

Please contact us at or by phone with your request to receive less mail and we will be happy to fulfill your request.

We are always looking for compassionate people who might share in our cause to help hungry children and their families get back on their feet. Often times, we contact other aid agencies to find out if they know of any compassionate people who may share our passion for this cause.

In order to unsubscribe from our mailing list please email your full name and address to requesting that your name be removed. We will promptly remove you from our list and stop sending you letters when as soon as possible. Sometimes a letter or two may have already gone out it in the mail so please be patient but rest assured you should no longer receive our letters.

Our Association

Yes! Children's Hunger Relief Fund is a non-denominational association of churches. As you can see, our goals are to help spread God's love throughout the world by helping children and families who have been made vulnerable and desperate due to situations outside of their control.

As a Non-Denominational Association of churches CHRF works with our associate Churches around the world to help spread the love and word of Jesus. We support our Associate Churches located in the United States, Mexico, and Africa. We believe Christ sanctioned all of us to further His love by carrying out compassionate work around the world. To this end, Children's Hunger Relief Fund has been committed to: providing food for hungry and starving children; building homes for poor families; lending money to many hard workers living in the third world; helping provide orphan care for abandoned children; helping provide education to young children; providing and filtering clean water systems for communities that had little to no clean water; and sending medical supplies, sustenance, and other gift in kind donations to our partnering organizations around the world who can distribute needed medicines and other supplies to clinics and hospitals.

No, CHRF is a non-denominational association of churches.

We are always eager to connect with more churches that are looking for community and dedicated to making our world a better place. For more information please email us at and we can learn more about your church and application.

Colonel Doner, is C.E.O. and founder of Children's Hunger Relief Fund. To learn more about Colonel please visit our about page.


CHRF has completed interagency studies on our own data around the world. In one year for the average dollar CHRF received from donors was used to help buy one entire meal for a child, help provide fourteen cups of clean water, help provide valuable medicines and much much more! That’s right, that what a dollar can do!

Yes ten cents can buy a meal in a relatively cheap market like South Sudan, Somalia or Ethiopia but in other replica watches uk markets like Nicaragua, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Belize and North America meals can be more expensive.

NO, in order to increase effectiveness and decrease administrative or fundraising expenses CHRF does not hire or use any outside marketers for writing letters. Nor do we partake in telemarketing.