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“CHRF is not just a big organization that has provided millions in relief to areas where "Angels fear to tread" ... areas where other relief organizations have had to withdraw. They are an organization which takes the time to help people like myself to realize their dreams of taking action for the less fortunate children of the world.

Working together, we all can realize the dream of "making a difference" to the millions of children who suffer from hunger and lack of education. "Together.... we CAN!"

Judi G. - Founder & President - Help Uganda
"We support CHRF in our mutual endeavor to bring hope, relief, resource and God’s love to marginalized women and children around the globe. It’s great to align with partners who we know are making a difference wherever they go!"

Jean-Marie Jobs - President - GAP Community
"With the help of CHRF I was able to build a school building in Uganda and provide over 6,000 meals in Ethiopia. I feel great because I believe I have really made a difference in the world and in the lives of suffering children."

Eric V. - Donor since 2006
"I wanted to find a charity I could trust. Once I got to know the staff at CHRF I realized this group was established by good people. I always want my giving to make a large impact. For decades CHRF has been making measurable and considerable impacts all around the world with their partners."

Warren H. - Donor since 1999
"Children’s Hunger Relief Fund has woven together a network of extraordinary individuals who compassionately engage the needs of children in the undeveloped world who suffer not only extreme poverty and hunger but abandonment and abuse due to extreme poverty, war and natural disasters of all kinds."

Ken M. - CHRF Donor since 2007

"I have seen abandoned children and victims of incest recover from abuse and find a supportive and loving family through the help of CHRF. I witnessed undernourished children become healthy through the feeding program that CHRF supports."

Kenneth R. - CHRF Partner in Haiti

"I supported and joined CHRF team because they are so committed to help the poorest of the poor in the world. I realized that my life is too short and I wanted to make a difference. By joining CHRF, I fulfilled my dream to help the poor through the resources they are sending to our partners. I am deeply grateful to God for bringing CHRF in the Philippines."

Lina W. - CHRF Partner in the Philippines

"CHRF and Colonel Doner have been faithful to the vision of getting aid into some of the most devastated and difficult places on the earth. I know, because I was a part of delivering life saving aid to refugees in Central America during the war years there. I am interested in selling designer louboutin pumps online ever. Those of us who work to implement the vision have been inspired to give our best to fulfill this commitment to help the truly hurting people around the globe.

I am grateful for the many people who show up as donors, sharing our commitment to being an extension of God's love for the 'least' of us. Thank you and bless you for your contribution."

Michael D. - CHRF Donor and Partner since 1990
"CHRF’S help makes it possible for the care of 100 children in Juarez Mexico that come from families at risk and in extreme poverty.

But thanks to CHRF children can come and find refuge in this special place. Shelter, food, clothing, education, medical and dental care, emotional and spiritual support and most important care, love and compassion are available for these precious children."

Karen U. - CHRF Partner in Mexico since 1995
"It has been a privilege to witness CHRF being instrumental to changing children’s lives all over the world. I am privileged to be part of the people who want to show compassion, love and hope to those who desperately need it.

I am blessed to be a witness that together WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, thank you CHRF for showing the way!"

Wendy A. - CHRF Donor
“Every day, every year, CHRF makes a difference in very concrete ways in the lives of children, the elderly, the sick, the weak, and the disadvantaged around the globe. Whether supplying micro-enterprise loans to aspiring young entrepreneurs in Third World countries, food and blankets to misplaced citizens suffering natural disasters, water wells in Africa to mothers and children who live daily on the brink of survival, or basic medicines to orphanages in Latin America, CHRF is simply one of the stellar charities in the world.

When you donate here, you know that your money is making an observable difference in our world.”

P. Andrew Sandlin - Founder and President - Center for Cultural Leadership
Children's Hunger Relief Fund gives anyone who wishes an opportunity to answer some of these tragic needs. Not only do they provide physical help with food and clean water solutions for more immediate relief, but desire to empower people with knowledge and abilities that will serve them for a lifetime, things like essential health education, knowledge for more fruitful farming, tools, and financial resources to begin lucrative businesses in the places where they live. CHRF will frequently go where no on else will because the needs are too far away from the usual centers of many disaster relief efforts, or because there is life risking danger in areas of active conflict or persecution. The ministry of CHRF is managed by hard working and people of great integrity who give constant attention to how every dollar is spent. As a Christian charity it recognizes there are only some things God can do and the that the transforming of peoples lives ultimately begins with being restored as persons by the strength and power of God. Wayne

Wayne - Rector, Christ the King Anglican Church
[Judi Haven Gentry is an inspiring grandmother and lady who, in her late seventies and eighties, was inspired to help children in Uganda. It has been a privilege for CHRF to have been able to help her with many projects and partnering with Judi to help the orphanage she loves.]

"In 2010, I made a trip to Uganda. I soon started a personal project to help orphans in Uganda. Having no fundraising experience, I just decided to "take it to the streets"... and made a sign, sat out in front of grocery markets, and tried to attract enough donations to dig a well at an orphanage in Uganda which had no source of clean water. One day, the founder of CHRF walked up to my little stand and asked me what I was doing and "who I was with." Instead of passing me by, Colonel Doner took notice of a lone woman trying to dig a well in Uganda.

Since that moment, CHRF has helped me to build a school for 180 day students, increase the residents of a Ugandan-founded orphanage from 20 to 52, build a clean water catchment project for a small, dry town in southern Uganda.. and help a project at Lake Bunyoni, Uganda. There we have funded 16 goats for 16 impoverished women with children, helped increase the small school attendees from 20 to 40 children, build a composting toilet, and start a community organic farming project. Without the help of CHRF, very little of this would have been possible."

Judi Haven Gentry - Help Uganda Kids
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When Others Pull Out, We Dig In!
CHRF and our partners make a commitment to an area for the long haul. In hot spots like South Sudan and Afghanistan, this often means digging in when other aid organizations are pulling out.

Our loyalty builds trust and support from the people we serve, who don't have the option of leaving when the bombs start falling. This makes us much more effective over the long term.


"Working together, we all can realize the dream of making a difference to the millions of children who suffer from hunger and lack of education."

Founder & President - Help Uganda

"The ministry of CHRF is managed by hard working and people of great integrity who give constant attention to how every dollar is spent."

Rector, Christ the King Anglican Church

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