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Program Overview

Children's Hunger Relief Fund makes a commitment to an area for the jpgong haul; this often means digging in when other aid organizations are pulling out. We offer a multitude of services to care for and serve children and families in need.

Feeding Programs

CHRF Feeding Programs

Malnutrition is the #1 killer of children, particularly small children under five whose strength and resistance are limited. Referred to as "the invisible emergency" because its deadly effects are often not apparent until the damage is already done.

emergency relief organization

Emergency Relief

What sets CHRF apart from all of the other hundreds of charities? It isn’t our orphanages around the world, the schools we fund globally, or the micro-loan projects we facilitate. It is our ability to move quickly and undetected into the world’s most dangerous but desperate circumstances.

providing clean water to poor children

Clean Water Programs

More than 1 billion people do not have clean water. Waterborne illness kills over 4,500 people every day! CHRF works with local groups throughout Africa to install new sources of clean drinkable water in villages and schools to combat the prevelence of waterborne illnesses!

educating poor children around the world


Children's Hunger Relief Fund is committed to helping every child we reach receive an education that will open new doors of hope for their future. Education is a major emphasis in all of the children's homes we sponsort.

homes for poor children and orphonages

Children's Homes

Unless we have seen it with our own eyes, it is difficult for most of us to imagine the reality of small children living in a cardboard box, or under a bridge, or in a garbage dump. We don't want to imagine it and yet this is a daily reality in many poor countries.

Immunization services for the poor


Immunization is essential to keeping children alive. In addition to the loss of life, lack of immunization also affects the health of the overall community, thereby weakening the economic base and contributing to chronic poverty.