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How You Helped Others In Ethiopia

This summer, in addition to our earlier trips in May to remote Ethiopian villages where we provided for more then 1,400 forgotten and lost families, the CHRF Emergency Relief team also helped deliver over 60,000 pounds of food to over 850 families.

These families, living in two remote villages in Ethiopia, were again lost, totally separated from other relief agencies, their government and even other villages.


Please find our team leaders letter to you below:

“Dear Donors and those who make our life-saving trips possible,
I wish that I could take every donor who makes these trips possible out into these villages to see first hand the incredible joy they are helping to create, not to mention the lives they are helping to save.
Pictures and reports aren’t truly enough, it still seems removed, like hollywood or a TV show, what we can’t forget is that these aren’t just pictures, these are REAL PEOPLE, real children, real families, no different then yours and mine, and their lives are really on the line, and with your support, we are really helping them to stay alive.

This week we delivered 60,000 pounds of food aid and distributed to two separate remote villages, 15 tons each to a total of 875 families.

A further 1450 families received aid during April & May.

Bringing the total weight of food aid to over 120,000 pounds during the April, May and June period.

Challenges, no matter what they are or how difficult, need to be overcome in order to achieve ones objective and goals, focus and perseverance are critical to achieving ones objectives.

Amidst all that is going on you then come face to face with sick, starving, hurting children, something that one can never prepare for emotionally or mentally. I feel sick in my stomach as I see the children, some of them so weak they cannot even cry. The smell of disease, filth and death is nauseating and stays with one.

The following photos show a few of 1000’s of suffering Ethiopian children in remote and unreached parts of Southern Ethiopia.

It’s just too much to sit back as these children suffer and many of them continue to die. It doesn’t matter how far away you are sitting, in a separate village or on the other side of the world, we can’t let this happen as long as we have a chance at preventing their suffering. This shocking sight, and the thousands of graves that mothers and fathers have dug for their thousands of now dead children may not be enough to make headlines in the media, but it’s enough to make you sick, to change your life.

As long as we can we will continue this important work. And the only way we can is with your generous help, that’s why I want to emphasize how grateful and thankful we are to all of our CHRF Donors.

These are the fortunate children, who are receiving assistance, many 1000’s of other Ethiopian children are not so fortunate. Sadly, disturbingly, there is suffering like this all across the world. What can we do besides listen to our heart, and our hearts tell us to do everything we can as long as children out here suffer. I cannot thank our donors enough for joining us in our mission to help end this suffering for as many children and families as we possibly can. We are making a difference, we will continue to make a difference, and because of our work together, children around the world, in Africa, Asia, Central America and all over, will receive help.” From all of us at Children’s Hunger Relief Fund we thank you for your commitment to helping us bring hope to the hopeless.
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